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ZTE MF820S2 4G LTE Modem

Unlocked ZTE MF820S2 4G LTE Modem


Unlocked ZTE MF820S2 :


The latest ZTE MF820S2 LTE modem support more 4G mobile nets like TD-SCDMA, The MF820S2 modem support LTE TDD/FDD 68M/100M download speed, LTE FDD 100M DL speed, With a style USB Rotator you make make the ZTE MF820S2 USB Sick dongle 270 degrees rotation,. It is compatible with major operators and network systems around the world. With customized networks at different locations, it provides flexibility for travelers. It can meet the needs of different groups.


ZTE MF820S2 LTE Modem Features:

*LTE FDD DL up to 100Mbps

*LTE TDD UL up to 50Mbps

*LTE FDD 2600MHz

*LTE TDD UL up to 17Mbps

*LTE TDD DL u pto 68Mbps

*LTE TDD 1900/2300/2600MHz

*TD-SCDMA 1880-1920/2010-2025MHz

*EDGE 900/1800MHz

*Internal antenna

*Standard USB(270 degree rotation)

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