Vodafone B1000 LTE 4G 100Mbps Unlocked Wireless Router

Vodafone B1000 Router

Vodafone b1000
Vodafone B1000 Router
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Vodafone B1000 Router Details:


The Vodafone B1000 LTE router is the high-speed DSL,It transfer speed up to100Mbps DLand 50Mbps UL .In addition, the router has 4 LAN ports, so you can connect your printer or laptop to this unlocked Vodafone B1000. Vodafone B1000 can make you life and work more fantastic .

At the same time,it can support 32 Wi-Fi-enabled users, this Vodafone B1000 LTE wireless router can be share with not only devices but more people, many devices around you such as tablet ,smart phone, notebook, PDA can get internet accesses by Vodafone B1000, but you can share this unlocked Vodafone B1000 with your family members , your friends , your colleagues everywhere, do not hesitate to buy Vodafone B1000 in our store.


Vodafone B1000 Router Features


  • LTE Frequency: 800MHz
  • LTE 100Mbps DL
  • LTE 50Mbps UL
  • DL 2*2MIMO     
  • 4 Ethernet ports   
  • 2*ports RJ11 fixed phone
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n     
  • Up to 32 device supports
  • Chipset: HiSilicon Hi6910  
  • Dimensions: 177*193*34mm
  • Weight: 900g  
  • Support VOIP telephone, fax, printers and other office equipment     
  • Operating System: Windows XP SP2/SP3, Vista SP2/SP3, Win 7, Mac OS X 10.4/10.5, Opensuse, Ubuntu


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