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Sierra 760s LTE Mobile Hotspot

Sierra 760s
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Sierra 760s LTE Mobile Hotspot:

AirCard 760S mobile hotspot brings enormous potential for mobile workers, travelers, or even families looking to expand their Internet capabilities at home or on the go. This second generation LTE mobile hotspot from Sierra Wireless is easy to setup in under a minute and can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices. In addition, dock it into an AirCard Hub to connect up to 20 devices through Wi-Fi or Ethernet so you can network your devices at home or in a small office. The AirCard 760S is suited for network operators in the Asia-Pacific region.


Sierra 760S Features

Connect to the fastest network available (LTE/Dual-Carrier HSPA+).
Share 4G LTE with 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices + one tethered.
Quick and easy setup.
Easy device management with the LCD screen.
Network the office or home with the AirCard Hub.
Convenient hotspot management with your tablet or smartphone.

Sierra 760s Specs:

Network Technology: LTE; Dual Carrier HSPA+; HSPA; UMTS
Frequency Bands: LTE 1800/2100/2600 MHz (variant 1) or 2100 (variant 2); Dual-Carrier HSPA+ 850/900/2100 MHz (variant 1) or 800/900/2100 (variant 2)
Max Uplink Speed: 50 Mbps
Max Downlink: Speed 100 Mb

Warranty: We offer all our customers full 1-year Warranty against product quality failure.
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