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ZTE and Smartfren Deploy Dual-Network Converged SDP in Indonesia

(2011-10-12 10:41)

ZTE announced it has deployed a dual-network converged Service Delivery Platform (SDP) with Indonesian operator Smartfren. The platform serves more than 10 million users.

Smartfren is one of the fastest-growing CDMA operators in Indonesia, with two networks at 1900MHz and 800MHz respectively, and a dozen service and content providers offering a variety of services to subscribers. The ZTE SDP solution simplifies networking by converging all service and content provider connections into a single service-level platform. It also allows Smartfren to easily introduce new players and services. Only three months after implementation, the number of services on the networks nearly tripled, bringing considerable increases in the number of service and content providers and traffic and increasing Smartfren revenues.

Because of its advanced technical architecture and operability, the SDP solution helps Smartfren retain an advantage over rivals in the Indonesian mobile Internet market and will encourage developers in the country to create high-quality mobile Internet applications.

“We at Smartfren appreciate ZTE’s responsiveness and professional service,” said Hardi Tanuwijaya, VP of Smartfren's IT Planning Department. “With their assistance, we completed this dual-network convergence and we expect to launch a myriad of new products.”

As a service innovation system, SDP improves operator market competitiveness thanks to its low total cost of ownership and short time to market.

According to a report by market research group iSuppli, ZTE SDPs are No. 1 in the Chinese market, with a 42 per cent market share. ZTE's SDPs also are quickly expanding in international markets this year. The company has provided the platform to multiple operators. In addition to Smartfren, ZTE works with France Telecom, Telenor, Argentina Telecom and other operators in the world.


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