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Newest 100Mbps Huawei E398 4G USB Modem Review

The Huawei E398 is available in different countries in different versions on the market, and in China there are 3 versions of the modem: these 4G USB modems Huawei E398 4G USB modem can works on 4G LTE band of 1800/2100/2600MHz, 800/1800/2600MHz,900/2600MHz.The packing of the Huawei E398 4G USB modems contains the USB modem .a USB cable to the extension, a short manual and a warranty card. The technical data of the E398 are the following:

LTE bands: 1800/2100/2600MHz or 800/1800/2600MHz or 900/2600MHz
LTE category 3, Up to 100Mbps DL, 50Mbps UL speed
UMTS (3G) to 900/2100 MHz
GSM (2G) 850, 900, 1800,1900 MHz
DC-HSPA + network in the UMTS at up to 42Mbit / s DL and up to 11Mbit / s UL speed
Micro SD slot up to 32GB

huawei E392

The Huawei E398 4G USB modem looks at first glance a bit larger than a normal 4G 4G USB modem. However, which allows the space to install Huawei E398 on the laptop .Total impact of the stick very solidly built, the back cover of the SIM card is stable.

For the first start you have to use in the first SIM card on the back of the stick, which is absolutely easily feasible. Also the removal of the SIM card is a breeze. Then you put on Huawei E398 4G USB modem to the computer and wait until the installation program opens - which you may already know from previous surf sticks. Once the program is installed, you can enter the PIN and connecting to the Internet. If you use the 4G USB modem with another operator, so configuration settings can be done - you just have to create a new connection profile with the connection data of its provider.

The reception in the UMTS and GSM network is very good, especially in low-served areas, where other 4G USB modems have been no reception. I tested the reception in the networks, Vodafone and O2, the reception in the LTE network is really good compared to the Samsung GT-B3740 stick

Even though I have only been used a few days, gross errors are not struck me. Especially interesting for regions with weak signals is the possibility of an external antenna to connect. For this, the Huawei E398 4G USB modem has its own external antenna connector, either one or two bushes behind the side cover where the Micro SD memory card can be inserted. you want to connect such an antenna, it is found that the connection is a bit thicker. The accessories market is here in the future certainly evolve.

Newly added is the possibility of the stick in the 4G-only mode to operate, which is to force the drive into the LTE network. Otherwise, there are also the only known 3G and 2G-only mode, if there are difficulties with the automatic network selection. The software works fine with my tests on Windows 7 (64bit), but also Windows XP (32bit) for the Huawei E398 4G USB modem is not a problem.

The bottom line for Huawei E398 4G USB modem is almost entirely positive. It is the first 4G USB modem, which for the terminal users really wise, is because it also works UMTS and GSM. Besides, there are a large number of supported frequencies on the safe side when it comes to the future network expansion both domestically and abroad. Technically, the stick is well prepared for the future, especially in the UMTS network convinced the Support item from DC-HSPA + and the good reception.

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