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Huawei wins title sponsor for Italian Super Cups

Huawei, a global leading provider of telecommunication solutions, announced at the Bird's Next in Beijing last week, that it had become an exclusive title sponsor of the 2011 Italian Super Cups in Beijing, which is the first time for Huawei to sponsor an international top class event.

The move of Huawei is simply for one target, which is to establish a brand image of Huawei's terminals at the consuming electronic fields, pulling close the distance between Huawei and the consumers.

CMO of Huawei terminal, Xu Xinquan said on the news conference, the exclusive title sponsorship of Huawei's cloud mobile phone for the Italian Super Cups is an important strategic step of Huawei to transfer from B2B to B2C, and also a start for Huawei to conduct diversified marketing in the future. Huawei will start relevant marketing activities for at least six months.

"The sponsor fee itself is up to ten million Yuan, not including the subsequent marketing expense," according to relevant person of Huawei.

An insider of Huawei disclosed, Huawei has confirmed the operator market, consuming electronic market and corporation network market as the company's three core business clusters.

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