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Huawei Launched iManager U2520

PARIS -- Huawei, a leader in providing next-generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world, today launched the iManager U2520 ("U2520"), the industry's first IP network assessment and optimization system that integrates IP control and IP forwarding planes, at the 2010 MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) Forum.

The rapid growth of broadband networks requires a more efficient IP network O&M (Operations and Maintenance). Due to the lack of an effective access method for "IP cloud", it is difficult for operators to identify faults quickly and achieve end-to-end (E2E) service level agreement (SLA) quality assurance, resulting in high O&M costs and poor quality of experience (QoE). To help operators concerned about making the IP network visualized and more reliable, Huawei employed the concept of "visualized IP O&M" when developing the U2520, which provides an array of functions, such as visualized IP service quality and visualized IP route.

You Yiyong, president of OSS and Service, Huawei, stated, "We are the first to provide a solution for customers seeking a more efficient IP network O&M during network All-IP transformation. Huawei's U2520 realizes the 'visualized IP O&M' concept by enabling the visualization of IP network and services, reducing operating expenditure, and effectively assessing and optimizing the IP network. This is key to establishing a robust and high-quality IP broadband network."

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